Blurring the Boundaries – Wooden Toys for Boys and Girls

Nowadays, there is a fine line between genders in most aspects of life. You can see it in the clothes we wear, the jobs we take and even in the hobbies we choose. Gender no longer matters to such an extent and the same goes for toys. In order to create gender equality, at Wood & Play, we start from an early age by providing you with the best toys that are great representations of gender ambiguity.

Story-telling sets: Our story-telling sets bring to life the great tales that remain classics in our lives, even as adults, such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. These are suitable for boys and girls and not just those who find themselves in a fairytale world.

Find Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood here.

And Little Red Riding Hood. 

Educational playsets: Education is necessary for all children so we have created toys suitable for a variety of ages and of course, any gender. Our Four Seasons Sorter is a perfect example. This is suitable for any gender and encourages problem-solving and fine-motor skills in young children.

Find it here.

General playsets: We also try to include play sets that represent daily life so that children can learn about everyday living. One of our sets for this is the Services Play pieces. With this, children can learn about different roles in society without feeling like they are applied to one gender. They can be whoever they choose to be when they grow up.

Find the Services Play Set here.

Your little girl may like cars whilst your little boy may like cute animals. That doesn’t matter. With Wood & Play, they can both enjoy whatever they like.