Kate’s Castle Review

Hands up if your children like fantasy and fairy tales! If they don’t already, they will with our playsets…

Wood & Play believe that imaginative play time is very important for a child’s development. It helps to develop their creative skills, internal narrative, role-playing and of course, their imagination. By encouraging your children to engage in imaginative play, you are enhancing their story-telling capabilities which can help in their schooling when they begin to write stories in their literature classes. Plus, who doesn’t love fairy tales?

Fairy tales are so big in society these days, primarily because they promote amazingly creative ideas in individuals but also as a sweet escape from our tedious daily routines. Here at Wood & Play, we have created playsets for your little ones to embrace fairy tales from an early age and to contribute to their imaginative playtime.

One of our lovely mums, Kate Kirk, has written us a fabulous review for our castle play set on her blog. Kate introduced her two little girls to the world of fantasy adventures and it looks like they loved it!

If you like the look of the castle playset, you can find it in our products section: here

We also have a Snow-white playset: here

And a Little Red Riding Hood playset too: here

Let some fantasy into your life! & Happy playtime everyone!