Taking it back to Nostalgia – The History of Wooden Toys Today

I still find space to fit my hands inside a wooden doll’s house or around my wooden cars and tractors. We’ve come a long way from times like that when there was nothing more than our toys and the silence in our heads that brought about the greatest imagination we could find.

But where did wooden toys come from? 

  1. The appearance of wooden toys came about during the time of the Greek and Roman empires, where children played with an assortment of dolls and horses and carts. Later, wooden toys were brought about by German toymakers in the 1700’s who travelled around Europe to market their products that soon took the world by storm, producing the well-known toy soldiers, wooden trains and the classic jack-in-a-box. At Wood & Play, we fully appreciate that the power of imagination is a very special and rare thing. With our toys, we aim to create the reminiscent feeling that our parents and grandparents had when playing with their toys. Wood & Play products are made with the best quality rubberwood  – no lights and no flashy electronics, just simplistic, good quality toys that bring you a timeless feel that targets the full potential in a child’s creative ability.Our classic learning activities and play sets include:
    • Animal sorting. Each set comes with an assorted variety of animals that embody the alphabet so that your child can learn whilst enjoying these beautiful well-made creatures!
    • Alphabet/number sorting. Not only can your child address their growing imagination, but they can also be aided in their learning outcomes and social correspondence with these interactive toys. Perfect for their after-school learning.
    • Other sets include the time-old favourites from stories such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. These are ideal for bringing the classics into your child’s life using the wooden figures for a role play setting whilst enjoying the nostalgic elements of interactive play as a parent, bringing to light the old dolls and cars that we began with…Who needs TV and batteries anyway?