Wood & Play: Carpenters of your Child’s Educational Development

We all want the best for our children’s development. Educational toys and games have become the solution to this but in an age of shiny plastic cars and battery powered trains, a traditional toy is hard to find. Whatever happened to the humble wooden building blocks of our childhood?
Toys have followed the trend in our fast-paced world, leading to the development of vastly popular electronic gadgets, the main contender being the iPad. These modern gems may be what dominates the typical family household, but are they really the best ‘toys’ for our children when we see them glued to a screen?
Parents are in search of bringing back a more natural experience for children, one which will, in effect, preserve their innocence and distance them just a little longer from the highly technical world.
At Wood & Play, we can provide your children with a highly interactive and pleasurable playtime experience with our unique sets of wooden toys and puzzles.

Why choose Wood & Play toys for your child’s educational play?

Taking it back to tradition. 
Wooden toys are a reflection of old age toys: uniquely designed, durable, reliable and timeless. Nostalgia for parents and grandparents. Wood & Play work hard to provide exceptionally good quality toys which come in a variety of educational play sets to encourage fine-motor skills in young children. Hand-eye coordination, speech development and social interaction are all skills which are massively important for child development and can be gained from our products.
Wooden toys are far more natural.
As all parents know, children explore the world with all their senses, particularly taste. Wood & Play toys are not only more economically friendly for the environment but also for the safety of your child. They are solid and sturdy, making them very unlikely to break and non-toxic so you don’t have to worry about what your child could be consuming.
Numeracy, literacy & problem-solving.
Our toys enable children to engage with numbers and the alphabet as well problem-solving featured in our outstanding jigsaw designs. All of which can give your child a head start in their academic learning or guidance as activities to assist after-school learning.
Imagination encouragement.
A physical toy requires social interaction and less screen watching which comes with an iPad. Our playsets come in a variety of themes and designs which stimulate children’s imagination, including animals, people and puzzles. They are perfect to play with parents, friends and on their own. The possibilities are endless.