Wooden Toy Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift for your child? Or perhaps your friend’s child’s birthday present? Let us help you!

1) Animal Alphabet – This beautifully unique play set includes 26 animals all constructed from our hard-wearing rubberwood and painted in bright, eye-catching colours. They are perfect for learning the alphabet and grasping fine-motor skills. Each animal has a letter of the alphabet, making this not just a great set for imaginative play but also for animal defining! Available here for £29.99:

2) Alphabet Snake – Like the animal puzzle, the alphabet snake can be put together like a jigsaw to promote problem-solving and alphabet learning in one! Also at £29.99, with its colourful body and chunky rubber wood build, this present is quality guaranteed and educational for your little one. Find it here.

3) Four Seasons Sorter – This item is great for teaching your child all about the seasons! It comes with a box and an assortment of handcrafted pieces that fit into the box through the correct positions, making this a top purchase for applying children’s fine-motor skills. Each of the pieces come in an assortment of colours so, at £24.99, it’s another quality purchase. Find it here.

4) This is a bit of a splurge but it’s worth it! The Hospital Set with Walls is one of our largest playsets. It comes with a whopping 50 pieces, including characters, beds and ambulances! This is more suitable as a special birthday present but its quality is unquestionable as is with all Wood & Play products. One of our top products for interactive play and empathy learning, find it here.

5) Need a present for less than 20 pounds? No Problem! These products may be cheaper but still provide you with the same quality and educational aspects:

Elephant Tower

Parrot and Tree

Services Play Set