Choose Wood & Play for a Safer Playtime

Child safety is a parents’ number one priority and should be for every walk in life, especially with something that children are involved with the most: their toys.

Often, you will find that modern toys are made quickly and carelessly with products that are cheap which may be great to keep the bills down but have you ever thought about how harmful they can be to children? Cheaper materials sourced for toy production often contain chemicals such as lead, petroleum and assorted toxic phthalates.  A long-term period of contact with these chemicals can be known to cause behavioural and hormonal disruption which undoubtedly can be somewhat terrifying news to a parent.

In order to promise you that your child can have a carefree playtime, we make child safety a priority during our toy production. All of our products are made of rubberwood, which is both natural and sustainably suitable for the environment.

How the rubberwood works:

  • We choose rubber wood because it doesn’t splinter like most and is strong and dense enough to craft into the amazing variety of designs that you can find on our website.
  • After we are certain that the rubberwood is of the best quality, it is then cut, sanded and sealed before being finished with our non-toxic paint so you can rest assured that what you child decides to chew is most certainly not harmful.
  • Because rubber wood can be so easily crafted into any shape but yet still with the strength and durability with that of ordinary wood, we can provide you with the best puzzles and playtime sets for your child so that they can delve as far as they please into their growing imagination and learn along the way. There’s no need to question safety with Wood & Play, trust us.