About Us

“Happily delivering a child friendly, tangible product in an increasingly virtual world.”

A child’s development lies at the heart of our company, a passion that has driven us to produce over 2000 designs since 1989. 25 years later we are still providing top quality toys to international educational suppliers and wholesalers around the world. We place educational toys in the hands of children in over 36 countries. Our handmade products are cut from locally sourced sustainable rubber wood, by skilled craftsmen and fair employment standards. Not only are they biodegradable, but built to last for generations.

Child Friendly

In an age when almost every toy seems to be made with synthetics or with led, toys are not as safe or harmless as they used to be. Nowadays, increased awareness brings increased responsibilities. Fortunately, we care about this for over 25 years.

At Sri Toys we believe that toys should be safe for kids to play with and also help them to develop their talents. Our toys are crafted from natural, sustainable and biodegradablerubber wood. Our toys are safe, non-toxic, educational and encourage imaginative play.

The Process

All our products are handmade and designed by our international designer Ferdinand Swart. The basis for all our toys is the locally grown rubber wood. In our factory we cut, sand, seal and paint the wood, all this happens by hand. With our 25 years of experience and our skilled workers we can deliver you high quality products in a flexible production process.

Educational Benefits

Let your children grow and develop with toys that make a strong difference. Getting children involved using a variety of different educational toys that helps to accelerate their learning curve. Some of the different educational benefits Sri Toys offers are as follows:

  • Hand Eye Co-Ordination – This is needed for when a baby needs to reach out and grab things such as a toy. Our toys come with handy surface and chunky shapes.
  • Motor Skills – Motor skills are your toddler’s physical abilities. This includes delicate movements such as fitting puzzle shapes together or building towers.
  • Visual Awareness – Is when a child has the ability to see objects clearly match shapes and judge distance and make color distinctions. Our Toys have different shapes and colors tosupport visual awareness.
  • Independent or Co-operative Play – Independent play can give children independence and confidence in themselves whereas interaction with other children teaches them to learn social skills such as sharing, playing together and learning together. Our play sets will keep kids busy for hours.
  • Role Play – Pretending to play the part for someone else involves social skills as to how other people play a part in the world. Our figures allow to slip into hundreds of different roles such as doctors, astronauts or other ethnic groups.
  • School readiness – A playful discovery of the world of education will help your child to develop interest in several subjects. Our educational toys provide special support for your child’s reading, writing and calculating skills.

Sustainable Rubber wood

All our products are made from plantation rubber wood, a renewable resource. These plantations exist in Sri Lanka since the British colonial period and are replanted regularly. Trees that are cut after 20 years when they stop being productive latex producers. Normally these trees would be burned. We choose to use the rubber wood for our toys, because it doesn’t splinter, it is rather dense and strong and suitable for hand crafting.

In order to protect our valuable rainforest, Sri Lanka has enacted several laws since 1990s. Hence all our partners are registered companies at the Sri Lankan Forest Department. Together we care for our natural prosperity.

Employment Standards

We care for our employees. All our employees are over 18 years old, well paid (all wages are above the minimum wage) and insured according to the local laws. Our labor standards cope with the ILO core labor standards.

Shipping and packaging

All our packages are made from recycled cardboard and the printing happens locally. Choose between our ecofriendly brown boxes, 4-color boxes or just a simple wrapping. Worldwide transport is organized by our in house forwarder. Shipments can exist out of a FCL or a LCL. 95% of our orders are delivered by sea, but we can also ship to you by air.

Examples of Estimated Delivery time

  • Europe 14-20 days
  • USA/Canada 22-35 days
  • Australia 16-19 days
  • Japan/Korea 14-16 days
  • Middle East 7-10 days